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The New Sonaca S200 / S201

The ultimate aircraft for general aviation which combines maneuverability, agility and comfort with reduced operational costs


The Sonaca S200/201


Sonaca Aircraft has developed the Sonaca 200, the new generation, two seater, certified aircraft which combines flight performance and cost effectiveness. This new aircraft development has been performed in close collaboration with the end users, so as to fulfill private pilots', flight schools' and aeroclubs' unmet needs.


Using proven technologies from certified manufacturers such as Rotax Engine, Garmin Avionics, Beringer brake systems, and fixed pitch propeller by Duc Propellers, Sonaca ensure the safety and longevity of the aircraft.  




The aerodynamic profile of the Sonaca 200 and its engine (115hp turbocharged engine) allow for short take-offs and guarantee comfortable climb rates (750 feet per minute) and cruising speed (110 knots)



Low Operational Cost


The Sonaca 200 offers low operating costs thanks to:

  • Its state-of-the-art Rotax engine (multi-fuel and low consumption / emissions)
  • Its metallic structure which is both shock-resistant and easy to repair
  • Its durability and longevity thanks to the use of proven materials and technologies
  • Its numerous inspection hatches


Robustness & Reliability

The Sonaca 200 is designed to withstand turbulent flight conditions and hard landings. Based on the Sonaca Group's experience in aerostructure, Sonaca Aircraft has opted for an aluminum airframe that is particularly well suited to withstand a variety of uses over the long term.



For more information and placing orders for your new Sonaca, please call us on +44 (0) 1494 556925 or e-mail

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